Heart of Slush: The Challenge of Seducing Teens

Coeur de slush : Le défi de séduire les adolescents

The french novel Coeur de slush (Heart of Slush) is a novel that reflects the challenge of seducing teens, written by Sarah Maude Beauchesne best-selling novel published in 2014. It is an autobiographical novel of which more than 30,000 copies were sold.

Author Sarah-Maude Beauchesne of the novel coeur de slush
Author Sarah-Maude Beauchesne of the novel coeur de slush

“It’s been a long time, it’s taken six years. It was a long, wonderful, painful, doubtful process”, said Sarah-Maude Beauchesne, author, and screenwriter of Coeur de slush (Heart of slush).

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Finally, after a long time of 6 years after publication, the novel Coeur de Slush (Heart of slush) will be there on the cinema screen the next summer. The film is in process since 6th September, under the direction of Mariloup Wolfe, the director of the film Arlette and Jouliks.

Director Mariloup of Coeur de slush
Director Mariloup of Coeur de slush

The director Marilouo Wolfe told, ” It’s an age group that goes very little to the cinema and we don’t have the budgets of a Marvel Production to stimulate young people.”

“My duty as a director is to be as realistic as possible and to stay close to young people in terms of their looks, expressions, and musical styles. But the main thing is emotions and truth. It’s up to me to do my best to bring this to the screen and then we’ll cross our fingers when the film comes out.” said Marilou Wolfe.

Story and Cast of Coeur de Slush ( Heart of slush):

Coeur de slush is the real story of a girl, Billie (Liliane Skelly) who is sixteen years old teen, works as a lifeguard during the summer, and falls in love with a young cyclist prodigy (Joseph Delorey). But the boy has also fallen into the eye of Billie’s sister Annette (Camille Felton).

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The film contains love, emotions, conflicts, sisterhood, liberation, and independence which are the heart of the story which also addresses social themes, such as seduction, feminism, and patriarchy.

The actress in the film who is playing the role of Billie, addressed, ” It’s really something that young people need. They need us to unmask the taboos of society, the stakes. This is what we will find in the film ‘Coeur de slush (Heart of slush)’.”

Liliane Skelly
Liliane Skelly

The readers of the novel are also excited to watch the novel on the cinema screen.

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