Hideo Kojima’s Instagram posts confirm Elle Fanning the new game star of Kojima Production.

Elle Fanning

Hideo Kojima’s new project, which is probably a horror game named ‘Overdose’ released a series of clues about the star confirmation Elle Fanning.

A poster was released on Friday Morning, 7th October on PAX Australia, with the outline of a woman’s face and the question: “Where am I?”. Kojima’s tweets and Instagram posts in the past week also confirmed that Elle Fanning is the next game star. One of the tweets from Kojima with a simple message: The answer to “Who” at TGS will be in the next “Where” gave some more hints before confirming Ell’s presence in the game.

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Kojima is known for his marketing tricks. Although these are the same as the previous revelations, his work also gives him a new height.

Kojima hinted last week that the announcement would be made soon. And this week A poster on his Instagram revealed Emma Fanning’s portrait with the saying, “Who am I.” Although Emma’s presence has been hinted at since the Tokyo Game Show 2022 that she would be part of Kojima’s next game project.

Elle Fanning

She will likely be in the protagonist role in the game, although her role in the gameplay is still in suspense.

Elle Fanning began her carrier in 2001, playing the younger version of Lucy Diamond Dawson in the film “I am Sam” – the older version of the character was played by her sister, Dakota Fanning. She also played the memorable role of Princess Aurora in Maleficent’s two live-action films.

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Hideo Kojima

Some of the recent Instagram Posts of Hideo Kojima are here :

Kojima Productions posted a similar image during the Tokyo Game Show 2022, that just said, ‘Who am I?

Hideo Kojima
Hideo Kojima

During PAX, Elle Fanning’s presence in the next game is confirmed via a QR code. The code led to a site linked to Kojima Productions. The untitled project is simply listed as a “Hideo Kojima Game”. When discovering the QR code, it was noticed that it is a proxy by a tiny URL that suggests it may point to a new URL in the future.

At the present time, Hideo Kojima is working on the Xbox project, “The game I’ve always wanted to do.”

Well! It will be exciting when his new projects will be live with new energy, new design, and concepts.

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