Korean Actor Namkoong Min and Jin Ah Reum’s marriage confirmed on 935 Entertainment

Nam Goong-min

On 28th Sept. Korean Actor Namkoong Min‘s agency 935 Entertainment announced the exciting news of his marriage with model cum actress Jin Ah Reum.

935 entertainment has officially confirmed the exciting news of the celebrity’s marriage. “Actor Namkoong Min will officially tie the knot with his long-time partner, Jin Ah Reum. Their wedding will be held on 7th October in Seoul. The event is held privately, please be understanding of the fact that we are unable to provide additional detail.”, 935 entertainment.

Nam-Ji in relation

Namkoong Min and Jin Ah-reum became in relation with each other in 2015 when they met with each other for the movie “Light my Fire” as a director and an actress respectively. They revealed their romantic relationship in 2016. Their relationship bonding is that much strong that they often expressed their love and affection for each other at award ceremonies and on SNS.

Finally, both of them are going to engage after being in a relationship In a permanent relationship that is Marriage on 7th October 2022 in Seoul at 6:30 pm at Shilla Hotel.

Namkoong Min

Nam Goong-min
Nam Goong-min

A south Korean director, screenwriter, and actor under 935 entertainment debuted as an actor in the 2001 film “Bungee jumping of their own”. He won the 5th Music Star Contest VJ.

For his roles in (2015)”Remember- War of the Son”, (2017) “Chief Kim” and in (2019) “Hot Stove League” he had been nominated thrice for best actor in the TV series at the Beaksang. Namkoong-min is currently starring the SBS’s drama ” One Dollar Lawer”.

Jin Ah-reum


Jin Ah-reum is a South Korean model, advertisement star, and actress.

She debuted in 2008 as a model. She was highlighted in 2010 for her work in ” Project Runway Korean Season-2″.

Her other movies are “How to use guys with secret tips” (2013), “The royal tailor” (2014),

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