The Mother: The Universe

the mother

“The Mother is a creator and developer of an endless era.”

Rudyard Kipling,” God could not be everywhere, and therefore He made a mother.”

Aditya Mishra,” Mother is an asset who holds three liabilities in her life, first, her mother’s family, second her own family and third her mother-in-law’s family.”

No doubt that God is the supreme power who has created the universe but a mother is a supreme power for her family. When a young girl becomes pregnant and starts a new journey in her life as a mother everything changes in her life. She becomes more powerful and careful with her child and she protects them, in all ways. She is the first teacher of her children.

Motherhood is the feeling of a woman’s life that transforms a girl or woman from a survivor to a developer of a life. A mother’s love and affection are much higher than any other feeling. All mothers are the same all over the world.

Being a Mother

A mother is an unconditional lover, a warrior, a cook, a teacher, a psychologist, a disciplined, and many more. No one can describe her character completely. A child learns everything from his/her mother. She is a God-made teacher and an untitled book that can not be surpassed by any other teacher or a book.

The Mother: an Idol

Her hard work, unconditional love, forgiveness, mothering, understanding, responsibility, and many more qualities make her an Idol. The Mother plays the role of a propeller for her family and for her children. She always finds a unique way to teach her children different lessons from real life. Children learn important chapters of life from their parents and guardian but what the whole surrounding teaches together she teaches alone.

Super Power

The Mother is the superpower just like The God who creates the world for humans to live happily. She dedicates her whole life only to the happiness of her family and surroundings. She bonds all the relations of her family. She has the supreme power to forgive her child no matter how her child behaves with her. A child may be shy to talk to the father but he/she feels free to talk to the mother. United Nations says,” We need a happy mother than a perfect mother.”

The Manager

No professional manager can compete with a mother’s management in her whole life. A mother is God gifted manager. What we learn in a college about management, a mother knows all that even without going to college. She manages society, family, children, finance, relations, and much more. Whenever a child faces any type of problem in life then he/she shares it with the mother first.

A Psychologist

She is also a doctor as well as a Psychologist for her children. She develops her children in a way that if they get any problem in their life they can face and solve it. A child can learn only from a mother how to be happy in unfavorable situations in life. She teaches her children how to develop strong willpower to achieve their goals in life.

The Mother plays the most significant role in a child’s life and upbringing because she is the most significant role model for her children.

So we can say that the mother is the universe that holds all the aspects of human being life. A human takes birth and then starts to learn emotions, life’s lessons, perfection, management, ethics of life, inventions, ideas, confidence, behavior, love, affection, relationships, etc. from the mother.

Let’s make the mother a Happy Mother than A Perfect Mother.

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